business analyst - project manager - systems administrator

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Hey! I'm Christopher Merchant, a technical project manager and business analyst in IT professional services. I currently work in project management professional services with an international firm in the SaaS and IaaS spaces.

In my personal life you will likely find me enjoying a new (old) scotch, frequenting my local wine bar to geek out over new vintages and production houses, staying intimately involved with local and national politics, slaving away over my range perfecting a new recipe, or spinning up virtual machines in my home lab environment in order to perfect my Linux system administration skills. More likely than not, however, I am found doing more than one of those things at the same time to varying degrees of success. Have you ever flambeed your laptop on the counter instead of the crepes in your pan? Oh... yeah me neither!

I have a wide range of professional experience in a great variety of subjects including project management, analytics, integrations, and client relationship management. Feel free to drop me a line with any questions or inquiries!

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