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You found me! I’m Christopher Merchant, a project management wizard and software professional services expert. To that end, I currently serve as the lead project manager for an international, emergent technology software company.

With nearly 20 years of experience in project management and business operations- dating back to my days as an entrepreneur owning and operating a web consultancy firm to pay my way through college; I bring the mindset of generating repeatable, scalable processes in fast-paced environments to every team I’ve worked with since.

In the intervening years my career’s travels have taken me to roles as a rockstar wine salesman, detail-oriented payment automation operations analyst, the most technical of all ‘technical project managers’ in FinTech big data, and a creative marketing executive bringing innovative, high-conversion campaigns to industries from cutting-edge AI software to the biggest names in mobile applications.

How I Work

My project management philosophy mirrors Picasso’s theory of artistry- my role as a leader of kickass project teams is to bring my clients’ imaginations to life, all toward furthering their top-line goals. Developing the teams necessary in order to drive successes is about more than time management, preventing scope creep, or even keeping to timelines- the key is and always will be that people construct the bridges that bring creative vision into reality. At the end of the day, my role is to build relationships and serve as my team’s top cheerleader.

In my personal life you will likely find me enjoying a new (old) scotch, frequenting my local wine shop to geek out over new vintages and production houses, chugging (by the glass) away over my range perfecting a new recipe before a dinner party, or spinning up virtual machines in my home lab environment in order to perfect my Linux system administration skills.

More likely than not, however, I am found doing more than one of those things at the same time- to varying degrees of success. Ending up with coq au vin on my laptop is… far too regular an occurrence for me.

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Oct 28, 2022


It’s been a long time since I’ve started blogging regularly, but maybe it’s time to get back to it. There’s a lot of benefit to me putting words down on paper, and not just ‘me’- anyone, really. The last time I wrote regularly I was working in vendor management for a SaaS Fintech firm based in Charlotte which is now a public company (really missed the boat on that one…) with pretty decent market cap and and a passable take on their industry (even if the recent changes to ACH kinda totally broke their business model). Read more
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